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Emerald Dragon Home - Emerald Dragon

Emerald Dragon Premium CBD and Hemp Products


Emerald Dragon manufactures verified premium CBD oil, Isolate and other Hemp derived products. Browse our CBD store and buy CBD oil safely and securely. Sign up to our email list and receive CBD sale offers and improve your health! We ship to all 50 states.


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Emerald Dragon Products

Emerald Dragon is a Southern California based CBD and hemp plant derived product sale and wholesaler. We specialize in premium, top quality and fully compliant products. Education, top of the line packaging, epic customer service and the highest quality have been our goal since day one. Put us to the test.

Buy CBD online and shop CBD oil for sale from Emerald Dragon

CBD Tinctures

Emerald Dragon Tinctures are available in a selection of concentrations and two different colored glass bottles with a glass dropper with a rubber bulb. Green Bottles for Unflavored and Vanilla flavored concentrations and a Blue Bottle for Pets. Shop these premium quality items here.

CBD Vape Cartridges

Emerald Dragon CBD Cartridges are available in several flavors and are compatible with most batteries batteries. Emerald Dragon Cartridges safely deliver CBD orally to be absorbed by endocannabinoid receptors, provided assistance and relief of many forms of stress, inflammation and more. 

CBD Topicals

Emerald Dragon Balms are an effective and safe way to apply our full spectrum CBD products. Starting with organically grown hemp and cold pressed olive oil, our balms contain 750 mg of CBD. They are extremely effective at providing customers with relief from muscle pains, joint inflammation, and dry skin. When using the balms make sure to follow instructions on the label for the best results.  

CBD Isolates


Emerald Dragons Isolates are made with the purest form of full spectrum CBD available. Eliminating any other cannabinoids along with terpenes and flavonoids, our isolates bring you a quality product at a great price. Starting with organically grown hemp, we provide a safe and environmentally friendly choice for pure CBD. 

CBD for Pets

Our CBD Pet TInctures are the perfect application of full spectrum hemp extract for your pets. We begin with the purest form of CBD and provide you with safe and effective relief. Tinctures assist with many ailments such as joint pain, anxiety, and muscle pain, improving your pets quality of life will and increasing overall well being.


What People are Saying

“Calms my Nerves”

“One of the best flavored CBD products I’ve ever had. I get mild claustrophobia in crowded places. Vaping or tincture drops calms my nerves enough that I can actually shop and travel more. There are other brands that I have since realized don’t have the simple quality ingredients that make a big difference in effectiveness, imo. Thanks Emerald Dragon, you have a customer fo lyfe.”

Sarah P. – North Hollywood, Ca

“Insant Relief”

This is the best CBD tincture that I have ever gotten my hands on. The instant relief was just invigorating and helped me start my day with no aches or pains. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family and already have! I cannot wait to try the other products from Emerald Dragon, in fact, im shopping right no. “

Maddie T. – NYC, NY

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