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CBD Topicals 101 - Emerald Dragon

There are many methods of administration for the CBD compound.The popularity of CBD comes with many ways to activate the compound for human use.  Topicals are a wonderful to utilize CBD in a healthy and easy way. In the following, we will learn about the best way to use CBD salves and how they can be helpful to you. Salves provide a quick way to apply CBD without the need for vaporization. They are a great way to localize CBD for pain relief by applying the cream directly to the affected area. Let’s look at how the lotions work and how to make the most of them.

What is a CBD Salve?

CBD salves, balms, and topicals are an effective application of this amazing compound for many reasons. The first of which is the ease of use. There is no charging of batteries or worry of being able to use a vapor cartridge. It is as simple as rubbing the ointment onto the epidermis. CBD is delivered transdermally into the body. This eliminates the potential harmful effects with the inhalation of smoke or vapor and opens up the potentiality. It is as simple as choosing the area you wish to treat!


Common application sites include:

  • Neck
  • Temples
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Joints

How to use a salve:

  1. Before applying a CBD salve make sure to thoroughly clean the area. Cleaning the application site helps eliminate bacteria and other contaminants. This can be done by grabbing a wet wipe and rubbing the spot clean then drying it.
  2. Take the recommended amount of the topical and rub it in circles onto the skin. This should be done with care making sure not to cause more discomfort during application.
  3. After generously massaging the lotion onto the skin, allow the compound the appropriate time to take effect.
  4. A second application is not uncommon and is sometimes recommended.

After application care:

If you, your pets, or others around you are sensitive to lotions, you can remove any residue left behind after giving adequate time for the CBD to be absorbed. It is extremely important to choose a topical that is organic and made with high quality ingredients. This will alleviate any issues with sensitivity. Some topicals may have additives like citrus that can irritate eyes if accidentally applied. Being sure to remove all of lotion will help eliminate this from happening. Read the specific product instructions and follow them carefully. Understanding the concentration of your cream is necessary for the correct levels of CBD that will be absorbed. You may need to test and adjust your dosage to reach maximum relief of symptoms.