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Emerald Dragon begins with organically grown hemp plants to derive our full spectrum CBD. Offering 11 flavor profiles, you are sure to find the right cartridge for you. You can find 500mg cartridges at amazing prices that are guaranteed to meet your needs. We lab test all of our oils for effectiveness and pesticide free.


Quality cbd Oil

Emerald Dragon offers CBD cartridges sourced from organically grown hemp and a variety of flavors to choose from. All of our full spectrum CBD cartridges are guaranteed to meet all of your cannabidiol needs and expectations. Emerald Dragon started with a group of dedicated individuals and a goal of providing the best products at low prices. All of our products are tested for consistency and effectiveness. When you want the best line of CBD products available think Emerald Dragon.

Smooth Vape Experience

Our CBD cartridges are available in a variety of flavors from pineapple to blue haze. Emerald Dragon began with a team of professionals that were driven by the desire to elevate the CBD market and help those in need of relief from many ailments. Whether it is pain, inflammation, or anxiety you can rest assured to find a product to meet your needs.


Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges

Our organically formulated, full spectrum cartridges are made with high quality organic CBD vape juice is a proprietary blend that provides a highly effective vaporization. 

Our Cartridge Flavors


Piña Colada



Lemon Squeeze


Orange Bang

Rainbow Sherbert

Raspberry Lemonade

Thin Mint


CBD Vape Cartridges

Emerald Dragon’s philosophy is providing the best CBD cartridges for the best price. We stand behind our commitment to the health of our customers and our planet. Choose Emerald Dragon for all of your CBD needs.